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Size of Casting : Maximum 800 mm length or diagonal
Piece Weight : From few grams to 100 kg
Surface Finish : 3µ Ra to 6.3µ Ra depending upon material weight.
Alloys : Plain Carbon Steel
Low Alloy Steel
High Alloy Steel
Stainless Steel
Duplex Steel
Copper alloys
Vacuum Alloys
Aluminium Alloys
Value Addition : The following processes are carried out for value addition Casting:
Mirror / Matt Polishing
Zinc Plating (yellow, black, blue, green)
Powder / Liquid painting
Nickel & Chrome plating.
Assemblies/Sub Assemblies : Using Investment castings with sand castings, Forgings, Pressure Die castings, Pressed components, Machined components and parts from Rubber, Plastic and Polyurethane.